Monday, June 23, 2008

eGovernment via Twitter

It looks like in the US state governments are now actively using Twitter as a tool to get messages out into the public eye.

As mentioned by Static{fade} in eGov status updates via Twitter, a number of states are using it to make official announcements, distribute media releases and engage with stakeholders and citizens.

Given that McCain and Obama will tweet it out in Twitter debate (or at least some of their staff did), it's clear that social media is becoming a more and more useful channel for egovernment in the US.

I'll have to begin considering its use for promoting our media releases (as a first step).

Anyone else in Australian government considering Twitter?

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  1. Hi Craig. Thanks for citing my post.

    I think Twitter is a powerful information broker, and we are hoping more and more of our partner states (at NIC Inc.) start to use it to communicate with constituents. Most are using it as a new river (pushing their RSS feed to it), but we are encouraging personal participation, too.

    I'll be curious to see how it all evolves in the US and abroad!

    Hillary Hartley