Saturday, June 28, 2008

Mid-point - Australian egovernment strategy - how's your agency tracking?

I'm very interested in receiving comments on how different government departments and agencies are tracking towards meeting the goals of the 2006 e-Government Strategy (which runs to 2010).

We're close to the midpoint and I've not seen much in the way of progress reporting.

Background for those unfamiliar - the 2006 e-Government Strategy, Responsive Government: A New Service Agenda outlined four main goals in its vision for 2010:
  • To meet user needs
  • Connected service delivery
  • Value for money
  • Public sector capacity (to deliver on the other goals)
The strategy is a good one, and I support it both as an online veteran and as a public sector website manager.

There are a number of challenges to delivery of the strategy across government, and it would be interesting to understand how various agencies are meeting these.

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