Friday, August 15, 2008

Global boom in high-speed broadband - but where's Australia?

Just as electricity infrastructure is the lifeblood of an industrialised society, high-speed broadband is the lifeblood of a modern information society.

There's an enormous wealth gap between nations that took a first mover advantage in establishing appropriate infrastructure to facilitate economic development and those that did not place infrastructure as high on the agenda.

We're now beginning to see the initial edges of what will be the next great economic divide, defined by the speed at which nations are facilitating the roll-out and adoption of high-speed broadband.

It worries me as both a private citizen and as a public servant that Australia has made little measurable progress towards high-speed broadband, while other nations are moving forward quickly.

It also worries Paul Budd, who's latest blog post, FttN - already out of date, presents a worrying picture of what is occurring in Australia as compared to elsewhere in the world.

For the sake of Australia's future, I hope we see a quantum change in Australian conditions.

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