Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Blogging catching on in the Australian public sector

I'm glad to see that blogging is beginning to become a more used tool within the Australian public sector, with the ABS launching Statistically Speaking, a blog for libraries in September, the Training.gov.au Project Blog having been running since June this year (with a Twitter feed since October at @TrainingGovAu) and Stap isi, a blog for local government, around since late August.

There are also a number of councillors blogging in the local government arena (list at Stapisi) - and as the site states, it's not a blog if comments are disabled (thanks Julie for the compliment of copying my design layout).

I have been told that there is also a state government blogger in WA, though have not yet tracked down their blog (can anyone help?) and the SA government won a Commendation for an internal blog in the recent Intranet Innovation Awards 2008.

If anyone is aware of other Australian government public sector blogs please let me know.


  1. Fresh + New(er) - discussion of issues around digital media and museums - Seb Chan, Powerhouse Museum

  2. your WA gov blogger might be Nick Cowie - Gov Web2.0 showcase

  3. Thanks b3rm!

    I keep an eye on the Powerhouse blog but always forget that museums are public service.

    And thanks for reference to Nick.

  4. Has the Australian public sector heard of John Seddon or systems thinking yet?


    Or ITunes > Podcasts > search The Systems Thinking Review > download the podcasts