Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Microsoft online campaign encouraging US government IT officials to post best practice videos

Over in the US Microsoft is running a major campaign targeting government which aims to collect best practice videos from senior IT leaders in the public sector.

Based on the premise that shrinking government budgets means that IT has to achieve more with less, the Bright side of Government site aims to,
spotlight the “bright side” of IT in the government sector with videos, by you and from you, that showcase how government IT pros are putting technology to use to help state and local government agencies do more with less.

Videos are viewable from the campaign's Youtube site - government star.

There are a number of videos already from CIOs and other senior public IT officials, however my favourite so far is the video below from the State of Missouri.

Are we ready for that kind of online knowledge sharing with the goal of reducing costs here in Australia?

And can Australia public sector IT professionals script and shoot better videos than their US counterparts?


  1. I really like your opinion Craig :) I am the marketing manager behind the Bright Side of Government. We really wanted to offer up a way for governments to share best practices in a time of "doing more with less". And one thing I love about this is that it doesn't even have to be about Microsoft technologies - we just want to foster/create the conversation for government customers so they can learn from each other. Really glad you like it Craig - I even mentioned you on our twitter account -

  2. Thanks Kristin,

    It is good to see how some corporations are leveraging the capabilities of the internet.

    Any plans for a similar initiative outside of the US?

  3. Hi Craig -

    Yes, the worldwide government team knows about this and they are going to incorporate it into one of their future campaigns.