Friday, March 06, 2009

Thoughts from the web

I've been too busy and tired this week to really commit to putting much content into eGovAU - which doesn't mean I'm not listening and thinking about what is happening in the wider egovernment world.

So instead of a regular post I thought I'd share some thoughts that have particularly stuck with me this week.

It's Time for Governance - The need to senior level whole-of-government guidance in the egovernment space.

The Second Revolution: Why the UK Government Beats the US Government on the Web - What the UK government is doing well, and the US isn't.

Beginners Guide to Government 2.0 -- Some Suggestions from a Practitioner - to maximise your egovernment efforts, hire people from the private sector who have used the internet for more than ten years and can both execute as well as strategise.

Twitter and Widgets and Blogs, Oh My - the tools US state governments are now using as part of their basic 'toolkit' for citizen communication, engagement and consultation.

Aussie councillors AWOL from Twitter - A discussion of how of the roughly 6,600 councillors in Australia, only around 12 are using Twitter, compared to the number in the UK, where government is a more mature internet user.

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