Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Europeans asking - what are the top things government should do in the next three years to transform public services?

The European Union is currently going through a process to decide on the content of a new egovernment declaration.

To support and facilitate this, an independent group has launched an open online brainstorm to solicit bottom-up feedback on what citizens believe should be done.

This is being facilitated through a site, Co-creating an open declaration on public services 2.0 and a uservoice suggestion market.

This type of consultation is extremely easy for an organisation or individuals to establish online and provides an opportunity to source feedback from non-traditional sources.

What will be interesting in the future is whether it will be the government concerned running such a consultation, or whether it will be run by independent parties and then attract media attention for what was left out by the government.

The only way to control or even influence these discussions is to become part of them, embracing the new tools available today.

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