Thursday, August 20, 2009

From concept to implementation - Digital Britain

The UK has moved forward from its recent Digital Britain report to release an Implementation Plan. This details how the government proposes to turn the actions within Digital Britain into reality.

A very interesting, and not overly long, document, the plan lays out clear governance structures, responsibilities and accountabilities for rolling out Digital Britain.

It's a model other governments could choose to use to take the step from Gov 2.0 vision to actualisation.


  1. By the way ... if you look for terms like transparancy, 2.0 or social media you get no results. Also, I didn't see Berners-Lee in the list of names. Is this a step towards government 2.0 or just the next step towards e-government 1.0?

  2. Hi Davied,

    I think this plan sits around the Gov 2.0 area, being the underlying infrastructure required - like the roads and piping required for a city.