Thursday, September 03, 2009

How should a government department develop a social media policy? Start a blog!

In July the US Department of Defense launched a new blog, the Web 2.0 Guidance Forum, for the purpose of sourcing input from the public to be used as they develop a social media policy for the armed forces and their families.

Reported in Nextgov, Defense asks the public for help forming social media policy, the approach appears to have worked quite well. When the consultation closed on 20 August it had amassed over 260 targeted comments, including a number of ideas that had not previously been considered by Defense.

Given this approach seems to have repeatedly delivered positive outcomes, in the US, UK and even in Australia - why are we still using it so sparingly in government policy development?

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  1. If the goal is to use a tool to solicit public opinion--and then stop using the tool--a blog is not what I'd suggest.

    Rather, use a wiki--such as what the US Army is doing right now to crowdsource its soldiers for revamping language in field manuals.