Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Don't forget to register for Australia's first Govcamp

A Govcamp is an unconference specifically for government people, discussing government-related topics (usually, but not always related to community engagement, IT, the internet and Gov 2.0 topics).

They've become a regular feature of the landscape in the UK, US, Canada and even New Zealand, however there's been less interest in Australia for running one - despite our successes in holding similar unconferences such as BarCamps and PubCamps.

Now, however, Australia is going to get its very first GovCamp, being organised by Pia Waugh and held at NICTA's offices in Canberra with support by AGIMO.

The (free) event is being held on 10 September from 10am - 4pm, and only has 100 spots for attendees (many of which have already been snapped up).

If you are interested and want to learn more, or want to RSVP right now, go to the GovCampAU homepage.

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  1. Congratulations with the organisation of this event. FYI: I'll mention your activity on website too