Sunday, August 21, 2011

Next ACT Virtual Community Cabinet coming up 30 August at 7pm

The Chief Minister of the ACT has announced via Twitter that the next Virtual Community Cabinet (on Twitter) will be held on 30 August at 7pm AEST.

As last time it will include all four ACT Cabinet Ministers, @KatyGMLA, @ABarrMLA, @SimonCorbell and @JoyBurchMLA.

It will use the same hashtag, #actvcc.

Participants do not require a Twitter account to watch, but will to participate.

The Chief Minister also commented that further Virtual Community Cabinets would be single topic focused.

I'm waiting for a copy of the transcript of the last Virtual Community Cabinet to be published (As Tom Worthington comments a record is required by law) to analyse any tweets missed in my analysis of the first event and compare the claims of 700+ Tweets with the 299 I recorded via CoverItLive.

I aim to repeat my analysis for this community cabinet.

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