Thursday, June 12, 2008

Did you blog today?

Blogging cannot really be seen as a fringe activity anymore, with over 112 million blogs in existence around the world (as counted by Technorati, the world's leading blog tracker).

Within this number there are a number of blogs written by senior executives, public officials and politicians.

However these 'official' blogs are rarer than hen's teeth in Australia.

This article, brought to my attention by Smartbrief (one of my favourite enewsletters), provides a great deal of information on the reasons why senior executives and public officials should be blogging, and the benefits they can bring to an organisation.

Have you written your blog today?
Lots of CEOs and senior execs are blogging as a way to communicate with employees -- and increase search engine rankings. Pundits say "blogs help disseminate a company's message, answer public criticism and develop a relationship between the public and the company's most visible figures." Free Press (6/3)

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