Tuesday, November 03, 2020

Building digital expertise on Australian boards - I would love your support if you're a Co-op member

This is a little different from other posts I've shared over the years - but shares a core thread with my thinking: we need digital expertise at senior levels across government, corporate and not-for-profit sectors if we want to see Australia thrive in the digital age.

I'm standing for election to the Board of the National Health Co-op (www.nhc.coop) - one of Canberra's most significant health practices.

And I'd appreciate if you could share this as relevant.

I've nominated based on my exposure to the Health sector working for the Department of Health and consulting to the Digital Health Agency, my startup, business management and past experience as a Director and, most importantly, my digital experience - which would add a new dimension to the board as the Co-op increasingly adopts digital when delivering of health services to ACT residents.

If you or your family are members of the Co-op, I'd appreciate your vote. If you know others who are members, please share this with them, I'd appreciate their votes as well!

To vote you must attend the AGM on 26 November.

Co-op members will have received an email with details of nominees to the Board, their statements and how to vote.

I've linked to my nomination statement for your consideration (and my LinkedIn post) and will post closer to the date as a reminder.

Thanks in advance!

LinkedIn post & nomination statement

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Friday, October 09, 2020

Out and about

To anyone referencing this blog, I've now stepped out of Accenture, taking a Voluntary Redundancy.

I am refocusing my efforts on other opportunities, beginning with an AI startup, for which we're in the AI Ventures' AI Incubator for the next twelve weeks.

I also have plans to help startups and SMEs to sell to government, leveraging my 15 years experience in this area and my wife's 20 years experience, more on that later....

And I'm chuffed that both the teams I'm mentoring in the InnovationACT entrepreneurship competition have reached the pitch final, being held next week. 

I am available to help out on brief consultations & contracts, where my skills and experience can help, and are always happy to be a sounding board (for free) to anyone struggling to build a digital solution or vision in government.

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