Monday, February 28, 2022

The first truly digital officer

What if everything you'd written on a topic over the last decade could be poured into an AI that interacts with you to develop and explore new insights and ideas?

This morning I've started testing our proof of concept 'digital brain', which has read, absorbed and contextualised everything I've written in my eGov.AU blog since 2006, plus more.

Even in early testing it's capable of extending and connecting ideas in ways I'd never considered, generating new insights and highlighting new knowledge paths to explore in near-perfect prose.

This is not simply a curiosity or tool for an individual writer & thinker.

Imagine the value such a 'digital brain' could generate as a digital team member in an organisation.

As a digital team member, our AI is already able to ingest, read, connect and continually remember virtually all the knowledge your organisation has captured in written form (soon audio as well).

It can repurpose your corporate knowledge to produce new insights, suggest new ideas and draft documents (training, sales, marcomms, compliance and more) so your human teams can focus more on creative and editorial contributions.

And we're continuing to explore and extend these capabilities to make an AI digital team member a core part of an organisation's operational stack.

So your organisation can make full use of the hard-won corporate knowledge you've already acquired to generate ongoing sustained value and support your human teams.

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