Monday, June 23, 2008

A different way to look at agency customers

My agency spends a lot of money learning about our customers with the goal of identifying how to provide them with better services.

These research processes quite often lead to huge presentations full of statistics that attempt to explain customer intentions and motivations.

If you have a maths bent, these presentations speak very loudly - however they don't always translate well for others and can be difficult to absorb and interpret.

An approach that I find is very eloquent is to imagine that you have only 100 customers living in a village and look at their conditions, hopes and aspirations in this framework.

This has been used with great effect by Miniature Earth - which takes this concept and applies it to the entire globe.

There's also an application of it to companies, looking at large corporations or agencies from the same perspective of a 100 person village.

Brought to my attention by Steve Collin's Thoughtglue blog, you can view it at: McDaniel Partners: Are You Effectively Managing Your Most Important Asset?.

So using this concept for your customers, what do they look like, and where are they going?

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