Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Do you practice what you preach? Personal use of online services

As the business manager of my agency's website and intranet I see it as part of my responsibility to understand what is happening in the medium and use the same tools being used by our website audience.

It's similar to the concept of walking 1,000 miles in another person's shoes.

For instance, this blog. One of my goals in writing it is to better understand bloggers - their motivations and

I'm also an avid user of LinkedIn (for professional networking) and Facebook (for social networking), not to mention (collaborative bookmarking), Twitter (micro-blogging), Gmail and Hotmail (web-based mail), Google Apps (collaborative documents), Friendfeed (social streaming), Flickr and Photobucket (online photo storage), Slideshare (online presentation storage), Basecamp (project management), Digg (user-rated news) and a number of other services.

These systems are generally complimentary and often work together extremely well.

In fact on any given day I'd probably interact with roughly half of these services.

Each week I look at a new tool - such as The Awesome Highlighter or Timetoast - to help keep me current with what is possible in the online space - some of it is mindblowing.

How about you?

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