Monday, June 16, 2008

Has eGovernment stalled at the half-way point?

Reading up on one of my favourite eGov blogs, In the Eye of the Storm, I found this post from February with some great slides and commentary on how far e-government has gone, but how little has changed in the last few years, e-government 3.0.

Edited 16/06: This article is further reinforced by this article in ITWeek, UK e-government fails to make the grade

Is this the same experience as we have in Australia?

It's now common to get information from government online, it's also common to transact with government online. However, can we interact with government online yet?

As in the UK, in Australia government appears to have been very slow about taking the next step - to actually converse with our customers online.

I'm happy to say that my agency is taking baby steps into interacting on forums, and we've talked about providing web-based text or voice chat to interact with customers, but are still some big steps away from this.

If the name of the game is customer service, and customers want to interact with government online (as AGIMO's latest eGovernment Satisfaction report is telling us) - why are we holding back?

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