Monday, June 23, 2008

Making government recruitment effective online

This post in Shifted HR reflects an area I have my eye on - Recruitment in the Australian Public Service

In Allison's words:
HR areas in APS agencies need to stop focusing on the process of recruitment and use technology to do this. They should be focusing their energy in supporting, educating and training line managers on recruitment strategy, attraction and candidate management.

Coming from the private sector I am used to organisations having effective online recruitment systems. These remove unnecessary manual steps in applying for jobs, managing applications, communicating with applicants and filtering job seekers by abilities.

I'd like to upgrade the systems at my agency when we can give it appropriate attention.

What has been your experience in rolling out systems to support the recruitment process at your organisation?

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  1. Hi Craig,

    I've had varied experiences in rolling out systems to support the recruitment process at various organisations.

    One of the keys to success is a single person of influence in the organisation who understands what the aims are and has a clear vision of the end result.

    Organisations who install these systems for the sake of it usually add an extra level of chaos and disorganisation.