Tuesday, June 03, 2008

New ActewAGL epayment site

A quick plug for an organisation I used to work for, ActewAGL, the integrated utility provider in the ACT have just released their new-look epayment website.

It's a great example of a balance between effective design, usability and the corporate profit motive.

While I personally have a few small quibbles with the design (for example the log-in area would be better placed above the green message), it's been great to see them make the commitment to encouraging more customers to transact online.

Online transactions are a clear win-win situation. They are lower cost for the organisation to manage, and add a green tinge to aid in marketing efforts. At the same time it allows customers at least the illusion of being in control of the relationship.

By the way, I was responsible for the current design of the ActewAGL, TransACT and Grapevine sites (within certain corporate limits) so by all means blame me for any difficulties in using those sites.

My successor in the role has made some further improvements but, like anyone coming into a role relatively soon after a new design has been put in place, these have had to fit in with the existing interface.

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