Thursday, July 03, 2008

10 reasons government agencies should not advertise online

1) Our traditional ad agency tells us so - and as radio, print and television advertising is more profitable for them, they must be right!

2) It's easier to simply build a bells and whistles website, promote it via traditional means for a month and then ignore it. Our audience will find it, really.

3) Our audience doesn't use the internet - unlike the other 90% of the population

4) The internet is unsafe because you don't know what people will say - you can trust print/radio/television journalists to only say what we want them to say

5) If we don't advertise online, people won't say bad things about us online

6) We can more accurately measure the success of our campaigns online and they don't always work - it's better not to know we're wasting money

7) Because our senior executives haven't gotten the hang of email yet, and we know that our executives (who approve our ad design and spend) think and act exactly in the same way as our customers, even though they earn more, are degree-qualified, much older and live in Canberra

8) Because if people don't like our campaign that much, they might say so and our feelings would be hurt

9) Because Australians don't really use the internet as much as the figures say they do, they just leave it turned on in the next room while they are busy watching ads on TV

10) Because radio, print and television have always worked for us in the past, and always will

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