Thursday, July 10, 2008

Do you monitor your Wikipedia entry?

I keep an eye on my agency's Wikipedia entry to make sure the information it contains is timely, factual, apolitical and objective.

Where possible I try to edit it as little as possible, allowing the community of Wikipedia to determine what is relevant in the entry - we have our own website for detailed information.

So why bother with Wikipedia?
I see managing our Wikipedia presence as a plank in our agency's overall communications strategy. If someone searches for us online I want to ensure that the same factual message is being communicated from any websites we can influence.
Wikipedia is particularly important as it is the most popular website we have the capacity to influence.
It's one of the top ten websites in the world and also a top ten site for Australia users.

While universities may not regard it as a primary reference source, it is in widespread use by Australian children for research purposes. In fact my children were taught at school how to research online using Wikipedia. Which site will they continue to use in ten years?

Below is a comparison from Alexa on the ranking of Wikipedia, Encyclopedia Britannica and based on overall internet traffic. doesn't perform this badly if only looking at Australian traffic, but Wikipedia performs just as well.

There's an overall list for Commonwealth government here, the text in red represents government bodies without a Wikipedia entry at all.

Interestingly the list is open to anyone to edit - and it does not have an importance ranking (which defines how much attention is paid to the accuracy of the content).

I've had a quick look around at the Wikipedia entries for other departments and agencies and there's enormous variation in the quality and comprehensiveness of their entries - where they have entries.

How does your department or agency review and maintain its Wikipedia entries?

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  1. We do monitor Wikipedia pages that are relevant to our company to be sure that all the information about the company is actual and up to date.