Tuesday, July 01, 2008

How do you rate your agency online?

How do you rate your agency in the online world?

I currently use a lot of different tools to build a picture of how our agency is doing, but I have not yet unified these into a simple set of metrics that tells me how we're doing.

Tools I use to rate my agency online include:

Site metrics

  • Webtrends for site performance and detailed analysis (unique visitors, visits, page views, time on page)
  • Hitwise for benchmarking and demographics (Ranking vs National Government sites/all sites, site demographics, Mosaic, search trends, upstream/downstream sites)
  • Google analytics for reality checks (traffic trends, search trends, browser/resolution)

Search metrics

  • FunnelBack site search engine reports (site searches, unsuccessful searches within the site, best bets)
  • Hitwise (top terms, unsuccessful searches, other destinations)
  • Google trends (search trends, top terms, site comparison, hot terms)

Customer metrics

  • Technorati for blog posts (mentions, tone)
  • Summarize for Twitter mentions (mentions, tone)
  • Wikipedia entry status (accuracy and interest)
  • Alexa (views)
  • Manual forum checks (checking of mentions and tone across a selection of forums)

Media metrics

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  1. zAt my agency, I've transferred all our sites into Google Analytics from a proprietary solution. It's hard to beat. We also analyse server logs for download's (PDF's) as Google can't manage that.

    Additionally, we do a little bit of search keyword analysis using Google Web Master tools, for complete and failed terms, and log file analysis, for individual words.

    Alexa I don't really trust, and hitwise tracks only personal ISP connections not businesses, but is still useful.

    The only other tool we found a use for is heatmap tracking of clicks.