Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Obama pledges to appoint a national cyber advisor - does IT need more senior representation in Australia?

As reported in NextGov, Barack Obama, the Democratic Presidential candidate, has pledged to appoint a direct report focusing on online security.

"As president, I'll make cybersecurity the top priority that it should be in the 21st century," Obama said during a summit on national security at Purdue University. "I'll declare our cyber-infrastructure a strategic asset, and
appoint a national cyber adviser, who will report directly to me. We'll
coordinate efforts across the federal government, implement a truly national
cybersecurity policy and tighten standards to secure information -- from the
networks that power the federal government to the networks that you use in your
personal lives."

Security analysts praise Obama's pledge for a cyber chief

Today most of the money supply and trading in the finance sector, our telecommunications and entertainment industries, a significant proportion of our retail activity and a number of government initiatives are focused on, or reliant on, the use of robust and secure broadband and online services.

I wonder when a similar approach to Obama's proposal will be adopted in Australia?

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  1. Ugh.. cyber... can we stop calling it that?

    Some informed leadership would be most welcome. After Alston, Coonan, and now unfortunately Conroy showing such little understanding of the online environment it'd be a pleasant change to have someone around who gets it.

    I'm excited to see what happens to Obama's online supporters, though, once the election is over (assuming he wins). A step closer to direct democracy?