Friday, July 11, 2008

Participate in the World Usability Challenge - 1 August 2008

This is a very worthwhile event with a simple theme.

As described on its website, what you need to do on 1 August 2008 is:
  1. Find a usability problem - it could be a poorly designed toaster, a confusing or redundant letter from your bank, or even a problem with your experience boarding, flying and disembarking an aeroplane.
  2. Design a solution - solve the usability problem, and write your solution down, sketch it up or (if you're feeling particularly keen) make a quick prototype of the improved product/service.
  3. Share it with a person who can solve the problem by implementing your solution - write to the toaster designer, call your bank manager, or talk to a stewardess. Hand him/her your idea. Encourage them to implement it. Be persuasive! and don't forget to post what you've done on the Google Group or the Facebook group.
Will you be participating in the World Usability Challenge?

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