Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Driving egovernment services after they launch

Next Monday (25 August) I'll be speaking at the Ark Group's conference on Driving Interoperability and Collaboration in eGovernment in Brisbane on the topic of Driving ongoing improvements in online services provision.

If you're attending, please come and introduce yourself at some stage through the conference.

If you won't be there, I'll be making my presentation available after the event at my Slideshare site.

Thank you to everyone who contacted me with suggestions on my presentation via my blog post, email or in conversation.

Based on the feedback I've shifted the focus from eMetrics to a broader look at the importance and process of drive ongoing improvements after an egovernment site is launched.

I will make mention of a few points raised by people, such as,
  • why launching a site doesn't mean lasting success
  • the importance of factoring in an ongoing development/improvements budget
  • the importance of establishing (realistic and measurable) goals
  • appropriate use of metrics to assess site performance to goals (and why not to use Hits)
  • cross-channel measurement - how web influences other channels (to meet goals)
I'll also be discussing how to develop a successful blockbuster movie franchise - and how this relates closely to egovernment development....

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