Thursday, August 14, 2008

Live call-in show discussing the strength of the relationship between internal communications commitment and intranet effectiveness

The online talkback radio program, The Hobson & Holtz Report, will be spending an hour discussing the topic of my blog post on the relationship between a strong commitment to internal communications and an effective intranet.

The program, presented by Shel Holz in California (US) and Neville Hobson in Berkshire (UK), discusses public relations and technology in a twice-weekly podcast.

The live call-in show discussing the topic of my post is set for Saturday, August 23, at 10 am US Pacific, 1 pm US Eastern, or 6 pm in the UK. - which makes it 3am in eastern Australia.

For those who do not want to get up at this time, it will be stored on their website for later listening, and I'll add a link from my blog.

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