Friday, October 24, 2008

UK establishes digital mentors to reduce the divide

The UK government is working towards the pilot of a 'Digital mentoring' system to support people on the wrong side of the digital divide to cross over.

As discussed in Connected Republic, Digital Mentors, the white paper for the initiative states,

Government will pilot a ‘Digital Mentor’ scheme in deprived areas. These mentors will support groups to develop websites and podcasts, to use digital photography and online publishing tools, to develop short films and to improve general media literacy. The Digital Mentors will also create links with community and local broadcasters as part of their capacity building, to enable those who want to develop careers in the media to do so. Depending on the success of these pilots, this scheme could be rolled out to deprived areas across England.

More information is available at

It could be an interesting program to consider for Australian communities.

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