Friday, October 10, 2008

US women fleeing tech jobs due to glass ceiling

With a ICT staffing crisis already underway in Australia, it's interesting to read in USA Today that in the US Women (are) fleeing tech jobs because of (the) glass ceiling.

I've never understood why people discriminate at the office on the basis of gender, and I hope that with Australia having a female Federal Government CIO, that the ICT 'boys club' is not alive and thriving in Australia.

What do others in the industry think?


  1. it's the "all career paths lead to management" issue that concerns me most... why isn't their room to grow as a web professional in government?

    ps: I can't get past the captcha with safari, the images won't load :(

  2. Sorry about the Captcha Ben, it's something to do with Blogger. I'll flip Google an email about it.