Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Building a catalogue of Government 2.0 best practice

A public wiki has been created to capture examples of best practice Government 2.0 initiatives from around the world.

It's just starting out but already has some great examples of how different governments are using tools like blogs, wikis, video and social networks to achieve their objectives and better service customers.

If you have an example to share, or want to learn from the experiences of other egovernment practitioners, visit the site at Government 2.0 - Best Practices


  1. Craig, very useful wiki to keep an eye on. However, it feels strange to be in the same category with you: 'international' ;-)

    I think I'll just add a link to the Dutch government 2.0 blog.

  2. wiki was started by a fellow Canuck, so focus was originally on examples close to home. mebbe worth breaking the content up by continent or something ... ?

  3. Given it's a wiki, simply add your own country to the list and break up the table!