Sunday, January 04, 2009

TweetMinister launches in UK as central way to communicate with MPs

Co-incidental to my post about Twitter on Friday, in the UK the TweetMinister site has launched as a central way to track UK Members of Parliament using Twitter.

It's a very slick looking site, developed as a public service initiative by private organisations, designed to allow members of the public to view what MPs are saying on Twitter.

Currently it lists seven MPs, from all sides of UK politics, together with party Twitter streams for Labour, Conservatives and Liberal Democrats.

It has received some attention in the UK already, with a mention in the House of Lords, which itself operates a blog site, Lords of the Blog.

TweetMinister has its own Twitter account (naturally), where the creators discuss the design and next steps for the site.

It wouldn't be hard for an organisation to set up a similar site in Australia - though it might still find it difficult to find many Australian MP Twitterers to follow. Perhaps a blog-based site would be more successful here to start with.

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