Sunday, May 24, 2009

Follow US political activity online - over 130 federal members on Twitter

I've previously discussed how actively the US has taken up Twitter as a communications tool in government circles - as have the UK, Canada, Israel and several other countries.

Looking at the website Who Politicians Tweet, there are now more than 130 US Federal politicians using Twitter, or around 24% of all 535 elected members (Reps 435, Senate 100).

In Australia I can only find twelve Federal members using Twitter, or about 5% of the combined 226 elected members (Reps 150, Senate 76).

However more Australian councils are adopting the service - with more than 20 now actively using Twitter, up from only three a few months ago.

You can see a full list of Aussie politicians and political parties on Twitter at Oz Pollie Tweeters.

From my commercial experience I have normally considered Australia as running about two years behind the US for the online channel. I am curiously watching to see if this also holds true in the public arena.


  1. I agree how Australia is behind the US with online adoption and tech. At tweetmp (, we are trying to get Australian MP's to join twitter. You can invite your local MP to join.

  2. And by the magic of tweetmp's API (, now is getting the list of current active parliamentary twitterers and showing a link to their profile. See, for example