Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Government 2.0 paper released

Cisco's global strategic consulting arm (IBSG), has released an interesting white paper on Government 2.0 (PDF).

It takes a long hard look at the opportunities for the public sector in using online media to engage the public, arguing that,
In a world where sharing information is so easy, public agencies should aim to improve citizens’ ability to access information, provide feedback, and view the feedback of other citizens. Ultimately, we should move toward a world where the background information, the thinking, and the options for every public sector decision and action are easily available to citizens.

There are numerous case studies of activities being taken by governments around the world - even one from Australia.

It's a good read for senior executives in the public service who are looking to understand how the world is changing - and the opportunities and risks for their departments for embracing the changes versus hanging back.


  1. Thanks for this, Craig! A little more input and fodder for my GOVIS talk.

  2. I'm more inclined to look at this as allowing public servants to act like citizens than anything to do with enabling citizens. So do a few others.

    A 1/4 way down. How can participation & engagement be achieved?

    Clear and simple rules for public servants.
    ...... so they can be confident about engaging online without risking their career.