Monday, July 13, 2009

Community managers' survey

Kommein is currently holding a Community Manager's survey to build a picture of the role across different organisations around the world.

To quote their request,
Are you a community manager? If so, we’re interested in learning about your experience. We’ve put together a survey for community managers that will tell us a little something about community managers salaries, who they report to, job challenges and more. And yes, we’ll post the results here.

Please note, we’re not asking for names and don’t need to know who you are. Feel free to speak openly and candidly about the issues facing you as a community manager.

Please access the community manager survey here. We’d be doubly appreciative if you could pass this around to other community managers in your network.
In case your organisation wants to better understand this type of role, the results of this survey will be published online.

And if your role could be described as a Community Manager, please complete the survey.

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