Monday, October 26, 2009

Are Australian public servants prepared to engage online?

At the Gov 2.0 Conference in Canberra last Monday, Minister Tanner said,
“We do want to ensure that we have the capacity for public servants to feel able to engage, and engage in robust discussion online."
His comments were captured in a CEBIT article, Tanner: Gov 2.0 about culture change, not technology - and in the record of the Minister's speech.

Given that there is this level of support, are Australian public servants willing and ready to engage in robust online discussions?

I've seen a lot of individual willingness from public servants to engage online.

There's also a number of projects underway which support this engagement.

On the other side, departments are still deliberating on how to best manage and control online engagement by their staff. Many are still deciding when, how and who they should give permission to engage online, given the potential risks they foresee.

What's been your experience of the progress towards online engagement by public servants?

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