Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sharing your photo library

Has your organisation ever considered sharing your photo library with other government organisations? With the costs of conducting new photo shoots, why not share your images with other organisations who might use them - and encourage them to share their images with you.

Some agencies may even wish the public to reuse their images.

Some departments councils and museums are already doing this via services such as the the National Library of Australia's Picture Australia site.

If your department has a library service, keeps a register of particular images of historic or national significance, or simply wishes to promote the reuse of specific images, this might be a way to encourage takeup.

Frankly it could be even more beneficial to have a cross-government photo and even video sharing library internally. With appropriate consents and licensing it would allow government to save significant funds by supporting reuse of images and snippets of visual media across departments and levels of government.


  1. Great post Craig. I agree - an Australia-wide image / video / audio library for government would be a wonderful resource and save a lot of unnecessary cost.

    Queensland Government has just started doing this actually with it's Image Library project, but as far as I know it's limited to Queensland Gov departments at this stage.