Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Social media nightmares

Inventorspot has compiled a list of ten of the top branded social media nightmares.

These are situations where organisations or their staff have been caught behaving badly, where social media campaigns went past the line of good taste or where organisations failed to get onto social media and were not able to become part of the discussion (to their detriment}.

It is an interesting list and shows some of the risks involved in social media - including the risk of not becoming involved.


  1. Hi Craig, 'not being involved' is an interesting risk factor. In many ways it is like a company that doesn't monitor news reports about its own operations...

  2. Hi Michael,

    I think the risk is even greater than simply not listening.

    If myths and misconceptions are being spread through social media channels, responding with a media release doesn't address the issue at its source.

    Organisations need to go INTO social media to make the corrections.

    Interestingly, just on this blog I've had at least two companies comment in the last twelve months to place their views (Telstra and Microsoft).

    So some organisations are realising that they will be listened to if they participate - and can therefore correct misunderstandings or at least ensure their view is heard.