Tuesday, September 07, 2010

An open government renaissance in Australia?

With the election over, Prime Minister Gillard has promised to throw open the curtains and let in the sunlight, a more open government than ever before.

With a government consisting of 72 Labor MPs, a Green MP and three Independents, media commentators are saying that more negotiation and consultation will be required than ever before.

This may prove to be Australia's open government renaissance - with corresponding growth in Gov 2.0.

What do people think?


  1. The sunlight will be a very long time coming. Gov 2.0 will thrive from public grass roots pressure not via the politicians.

  2. I'll believe it when http://data.australia.gov.au/ 's recently added data sets no longer mentions national toilet map data.

  3. I agree Craig, the opportunities now will be greater than before - all involved need to 'seize' the moment. Make best use of this new opportunity.
    The period of negotiation already provided a hint in the sharing of much data and knowledge between the Gov't and the independents. Perhaps the independents need to be worked on, or 'lobbied' to ensure what they get to see as part of any decision making process, becomes freely available for al to see. I am sure their own constituents would like to see justification and background for decisions which may negatively impact on them.

  4. Martin Stewart-WeeksSeptember 11, 2010 at 10:24 PM

    Kate Lundy's appointment as Parl Sec to the PM might be a hopeful signal. One interpretation is that Gillard has put her there precisely to help with the next stage of Govt2/open govt. Maybe...