Monday, January 24, 2011

Queensland Police demonstrate best practice emergency communications management via social media

The floods across Queensland, and in other parts of Australia, over the past few months have been a national tragedy.

They have also been a wake-up call to communications and media professionals across government on how to effectively inform and engage the public via social media.

Queensland Police, through their twitter account, @QPSMedia, Facebook page, Queensland Police and YouTube channel, have demonstrated world's best practice emergency communications management through social media.

Their activities have been well documented in the media and blogs, some of which I've linked below, so all I'm going to say is well done Queensland Police.

I hope other government agencies around the country learn from your efforts.

A few good articles and posts about social media use during the Queensland floods

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  1. Thanks for the blog post Craig and Mention of @iGo2Group - we posted an updated blog that looked at the difference in citizen engagement between #NSWFloods #QLDFloods and #VICFloods.


    Mike @michae1green @iGo2Group