Friday, June 29, 2012

ACT Government planning to release a data portal and real-time bus information in reusable formats

Brought to my attention by @maxious, the ACT government has said in response to their Estimates process that they are building a data portal which they aim to have ready in July 2012.

Discussed in ACT's Hansard, Andrew Cappie-Wood, Head of Service and Director-General for ACT, said that, "There is a lot of interest in gaining access to data sets so that the community can use them more effectively.", giving the example of AllHomes' use of ACTPLA data.

Cappie-Wood went on to state that the ACT government intended to progressively make data sets available, keeping privacy issues front-of-mind, but pursuing a proactive approach so that the community could make their own apps through reusing the data and also use the data in other ways useful to the community.

Later in the Estimates session Paul Peters, Executive Director, Roads and Public Transport Division, said that there was also the intention to make real-time information on the location of ACTION buses available through such that various players in the market can develop and on-sell their own apps.

Read the transcript in ACT Government Hansard (PDF)

  • Data portal - refer to page 866
  • Real-time bus information - refer to page 919


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  2. Australian jurisdictions don't seem to really get it. Their idea of releasing data is in such a poor way that what they do release is often unusable. I shan't be waiting with bated breath for the ACT Governments attempt to show how open they are.