Monday, October 22, 2012

Scaling Edges - how does it apply to government innovation?

Deloitte recently released a paper entitled ‘Scaling Edges – A pragmatic pathway to board internal change’, which provided strategies on how organisations in the private sector could best achieve innovation at the institutional level.

The paper promotes the following approach:
  • Focus on the edges rather than the core functioning of an organisation
  • Identify projects which align with external forces to achieve significant and sustainable change  
  • Leverage external resources rather than internal support
  • Circumvent organisational scrutiny and resistance that change initiatives commonly face 
A representative from the Victorian Department of Justice is on a three month VPS Innovation Transfer working with Deloittes' Centre for the Edge and is exploring how principles identified in Scaling Edges might apply in a government context.

As part of the research, there's a survey available for public servants to complete to give their views regarding the context.

If you'd like to complete the survey go to:

For context, the paper can be found here: Scaling Edges

Or watch the three minute summary video below:

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