Tuesday, March 24, 2009

BarCamp Canberra next weekend - 28 March

In case you've not seen the buzz around mailing lists, the second Canberra BarCamp is on next weekend, 28 March, at the Australian National University.

What's a BarCamp?

Think of it as an impromptu conference featuring talented designers, developers and other online professionals. They gather to share their knowledge and expertise in a series of 20 minute presentations.

Anyone can present at the event on a topic of their choice.

It is a great opportunity to share experiences and network within the Canberra online community.

More details on the BarCamp concept is available from the official site.

Register at the official BarCamp Canberra site or at the Facebook group.

Podcasts of previous presentations are also available online at http://barcampcanberra.org/blog/podcasts/

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