Wednesday, May 27, 2009

NSW Police now officially on Twitter

Encouraged by the success of a imposter claiming to be the NSW Police on Twitter, the NSW Police have now taken over the account and are using it to constructively communicate information to the public.

Reported in the Sydney Morning Herald, Twitter con gives police tweet idea, the NSW Police Twitter account is being used for awareness raising, to issue warning notifications and appeal for public assistance.

Anyone in Sydney who wishes to learn more about the NSW Police's decision should consider attending the next In the Public Interest event on the evening of Wednesday 17 June where Strath Gordon the Director of Public Affairs for NSW Police will be discussing the initiative.

The NSW Police join a range of other state and local government agencies in Australia using the platform for real-time public communications.

As yet no Federal government agencies are using the service, but based on the widespread use in the US, Canada and the UK this is only a matter of time.

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