Tuesday, July 21, 2009

eGovernment Resource Centre launches eGovernment Forum

Victoria's eGovernment Resource Centre has launched an eGovernment Forum to support the online discussion of eGovernment topics by Australian public servants and interested parties.

At discussed at the site, the eGovernment Forum invites,
open participation and diverse viewpoints to be shared with others relevant to the topic of eGovernment, Government 2.0, Web 2.0, Government website best practice and related disciplines.
The forum can only be posted to by registered members, however posts are visible to the general public.


  1. I was checking differents links belong Top Tools, They are very interesting and useful. My congratulations and best wishes for this initiative.
    From Peru-LatinAmerican. Ivan Oscco

  2. I just find it amazing how the Vic gov uses Social Networks and tools to communicate with their community.

    They have come up with some interesting websites such as the Vic eGov, Vic Police News, Future Melbourne to name a few.

    I wonder why other State Govs aren't following their steps?