Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Are you making a submission to the Australia Gov 2.0 Taskforce?

The Government 2.0 Taskforce has been requesting submission in response to their recently released, Towards Government 2.0: An Issues Paper.

So far there are four submissions listed on the Taskforce's website.

Now while these may not represent all the submissions received to-date (as it may take time to process and put them online), it does worry me that out of Australia's 1.2 million public servants (based on Public Sector news) that there appears to have been so few submissions received to-date.

If you are involved with, affected by or interested in how government should change to face the challenges of an increasing digitalised society, than please read the Issues Paper and respond with your views via the submission process.

Or at least read the submissions thus far and reflect on whether your views have been reflected.

Your views may influence the direction the Taskforce and government takes in the Gov 2.0 space.

You have until the start of business, 24 August.

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