Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Australian Gov 2.0 Taskforce publicly releases final report - and most project reports

On Tuesday afternoon the Gov 2.0 Taskforce released its final report, Engage: Getting on with Government 2.0.

As stated in their blog post, the Taskforce handed the report to the responsible Ministers who immediately authorised its public release - a sign of great confidence in the report!

The report generally followed the recommendations and included the content from the draft, released for public comment two weeks ago, with some reorganisation and clarification to improve readability. If you read the draft there are no surprises, however it is worth re-reading for the tighter and clearer language and structure to ensure you understood the original context.

Alongside the report, the Taskforce has publicly released the reports for most of the 19 projects it has contracted out over the last 6 months. This adds up to a lot of reading, which I expect to be wading through over the next few weeks.

As currently the Taskforce site requires people to visit multiple web pages to individually download the project reports, I've provided quick links to download the RTFs and reports below. I also included links to the project pages as they all contain a brief on the project from the authors and allow public comments and feedback on the project reports.

I strongly recommend reading and commenting on the reports that resonate with you.

ProjectProject Brief RTFProject Report
Project 1: Enhancing the discoverability and accessibility of government informationProject 1 Brief RTF (43k)Project 1 Report DOC (643k)
Project 2 and 3: Identify key barriers within agencies to Government 2.0 and survey of Australian Government Web 2.0 practicesProject 2 Brief RTF (45k)
Project 3 Brief RTF (54k)
Project 2 and 3 Final Report DOC (1266k)
Project 4: Copyright Law and Intellectual PropertyProject 4 Brief RTF (55k)Project 4 Report (592k)
Project 5: Early Leadership in Semantic WebProject 5 Brief RTF (48k)Project 5 Final Report (3623k)
Project 6: The value of Public Sector Information for cultural institutionsProject 6 Brief RTF (56k)Project 6 Report DOC (116k)
Project 6 Additional Technical Paper (82k)
Project 7: Whole of Government Information Publication SchemeProject 7 Brief RTF (75k)
Project 7 Report DOC (563k)
Project 8: Online Engagement Guidance and Web 2.0 Toolkit for Australian Government AgenciesProject 8 Brief RTF (92k)Project 8 Guidelines (1726k)
Project 8 Toolkit Blueprint (1389k)
Project 9: Preservation of Web 2.0 ContentProject 9 Brief RTF (79k)Project 9 Report DOC (260k)
Project 10: Framework for Stimulating Information Philanthropy in AustraliaProject 10 Brief RTF (77k)Project 10 Report (743k)
Project 13: Government 2.0 Governance and Institutions: Embedding the 2.0 Agenda in the Australian Public ServiceProject 13 Brief RTF (75k)Project 13 Report DOC (451k)
Project 14: Social Media for Emergency ManagementUnavailableProject 14 Report (6217k)
Project 15: ALRC Family Violence Consultation ProjectUnavailableProject 15 Report (1769)
Project 16: OpinionWatch AnalysisUnavailableProject 16 Report DOC (2461k)
Project 18: Whole of government video service scoping studyUnavailableProject 18 Report (3707k)
Project 19: Online Engagement ReviewUnavailableProject 19 Report DOC (212k)
Project 19 Report PDF (5116k)


  1. Thanks Craig, this is a great resource to have these documents in one spot. I've been dipping in and out of these, and I'm hoping to use the final report as a bit an 'official word' educational device for my clients.

  2. I was wondering if these documents are also on Scribd , Docstoc or any other such site. It would make them easier accesible and easier to embed elsewhere.

  3. Hi Erik,

    Not to my knowledge. You'd have to ask AGIMO.

  4. Why doesn't AGIMO put links to these project reports on the page where the final report is??

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