Thursday, May 03, 2012

Guesting on #GovChat today

This week I am the guest on #GovChat, a Canadian operated weekly Twitter chat through PSLeader, featuring high profile public service and thought leaders from around the world.

The chat starts at 10:00AM today for Aussie east coasters, 9:30AM in the middle and at 8:00AM if you're in the west.

For participants around the world:
  • New Zealand - 12:00 midday Thursday 3rd May
  • UK - 1:00AM Thursday 3rd May
  • US/Canada east - 8:00PM Wednesday 2nd May
  • US/Canada west - 5:00PM Wednesday 2nd May
It lasts an hour and, like most Twitter chats, you can drop in and out as you please.

You can participate or watch the chat via your favourite Twitter client, or using

I'll post a transcript following the event.

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