Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Which comes first, egovernment Web 2.0 services or government cultural change?

A debate has been going on in Europe recently regarding which comes first - successful Web 2.0 egovernment, or citizen-centric and transparent government.

One argument goes that government must first undergo cultural change in order to deliver effective Web 2.0 services.

The other is that government will undergo cultural change through releasing Web 2.0 services.

I think there's a little truth in both approaches - a government firmly committed to opacity will not be interested in rolling out interactive, citizen-focused services. They are too threatening to the powers that be.

Whereas a government that is already down the road of transparency will be helped along it by hearing, listening to and responding to the wants and needs of its citizens, as delivered online via Web 2.0 services.

Below is a presentation that summed up the area neatly for me.

E Leaders Osimo
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  1. thanks for the referral craig. What I mean, as in one of my latest blog posts, is that the old vision of online services was not successful in generating actual change in burocracy because it acted on the technology, not on the INCENTIVES to change. Web2.0, focussing on trasnparency, can generate change because it acts on the INCENTIVE to government change.
    Thanks, always interesting to read your insights


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