Saturday, October 31, 2009

And the GovHack winner is...

GovHack wrapped up tonight with drinks at CSIRO's Discovery centre.

Although many of the Govhackers had already departed for their drives and flights back to Sydney, Melbourne and other parts of Australia, around 30 people remained for the award ceremony.

At the awards, Tom Coates spoke about how only 20 years ago Tim Berners-Lee had written the document that laid out the core concept for the internet. He said that today we are seeing a whole new revolution based on the opening up of data and that this enables the community to help governments work - a transformational shift.

After deliberation, the judges gave honourable mentions to the teams
- What The Federal Government Does
- Project TeaLady
- It's Buggered, Mate

The Lonely Planet Award went to Rate My Loo for embodying the spirit of the day.

Second place went to Know where you live.

And the winning mashup was LobbyClue.

Well done to everyone involved!

Below are a few photos from the award ceremony - taken with iPhone so excuse the low resolution.

Tom Coates speaking at the GovHack award ceremony.

John Allsop (the main organiser) speaking at the GovHack award ceremony.


  1. Hi Craig,
    Good documentation! but can you add 'DOES' to the name of the honourably mentioned team: What the fed gov does.

    thank you!

  2. Lol... I thought "what the federal govt" was an apt joke: WTF(g). The typo-truth is a bit of a let down after that!

  3. The link to Project Tea-Lady is

  4. Of course it would be better to see the mashups using an open-dataset/open map service such as


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