Thursday, April 01, 2010

Growth of Twitter in Australian governments - 155 accounts

I've conducted a quick review of Australian government Twitter accounts this morning, national, state and local, drawing on lists that others and I have compiled.

With a margin for error (some may have been missed or not be official accounts), I've found that there are about 155 Australian government Twitter accounts registered, 26 Federal, 79 State and 50 Local.

UPDATE: I've added new accounts flagged by commenters, taking the total to 196 Twitter accounts from Australian governments.

Note that I've not screened these accounts for whether they are still live, or how actively they Tweet.

If you want to subscribe to some of these lists please see:
There's also a Victorian government Twitter list.

I've provided a full list of the accounts I looked at online in Google docs as a spreadsheet, open for anyone to view, download and modify at:

There's also a full list below.


NSW State
NT State
QLD State
SA State

TAS State
VIC State
WA State
NSW Local
QLD Local
SA Local
VIC Local
WA Local


  1. Hi Craig,

    There are a couple more in Vic to add, some can be found via the Vic Online list


  2. Hi Craig - you missed out the eGov Resource Centre for Vic State Government !


  3. There are a few in the ACT Gov but they are not very active like other states, they seem to be using facebook more than other social media sites and apps. - not active - active - only for major emergencies like bushfires, I think.

  4. Craig: Nice to see you referred to the lists we've been maintaining. We're planning to keep these up to date as an easy reference point for anyone wanting to follow Australian Govt agencies on Twitter.

    I'll be updating our lists later today with those accounts noted by Cheryl, Valeri and others. If there's any missing from there, anyone can send us a twitter reply and we'll make sure any missing accounts are added.


  5. Thanks MH,

    Do you mind keeping the Google sheet updated as well - it allows others to quickly build lists of the groups they are interested in. It took ages to extract the info out of the Twitter lists!

    Valeri, glad to see there are ACT ones - am adding them.

    Cheryl - how could I miss you! - adding

    Ian - thanks! and the benefit of that list is that I know they are official (a few on the FPC list weren't and I dropped them off..but there are others it's hard to know about).

  6. Ian,

    Note there are a few Vic accounts missing from the Vic gov site...

  7. The ACTGov and ACTGovernment accounts are bogus - we've been trying to get them removed for months. How can you tell they're bogus? The coat of arms image is reversed, that's how.

  8. Craig: another National one to add to the list - National Library of Australia

  9. ACCC Product Safety has a twitter account:


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