Thursday, November 04, 2010

Citizen 2.0 - what does social media mean for government? (Workshop 2 CEBIT Gov 2.0 Conference)

In Pat's Citizen 2.0 workshop we've been discussing how citizens have changed - their expectations and behaviours.

Below is the list we came up with, and a video from William Perrin (given for Public Sphere) on how these changes are affecting government.

Changes in citizen expectations and behaviours
  • Instant access to information - instant response
  • Ease of reporting problems
  • Ease of finding like-minded people
  • More informed consumers/citizens
  • Access to info/mis-info online
  • Expectation to communicate solutions
  • Willing to share personal information
  • Willingness to pitch in and improve public sector information
  • Expectation privacy is being eroded
  • People expect to be heard in multiple ways
  • Viral expectation of spreading news
  • Increase importance on peer to peer
  • Expectation to be known by how you interact (portable identity)
  • Ability to communicate in multiple ways
  • Expectation that knowledge of data is free (accessible and costwise)

We've also looked at a video of Park(ing) day - an example of how people are taking action to change their civic environment outside of government.

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